Research & Development

One of the main objectives of the WTC Mumbai is to undertake research on subjects of significance to trade and industry, with a view to increasing the export potential of the country and to guide companies about global strategies. To achieve this objective, the Centre undertakes a number of R&D endeavors with a view to help businesses in decision-making with respect to business opportunities for international trade, to assist government agencies in policy formulation and planning with a focus on the foreign trade sector and to guide businesses and research organizations into new directions and avenues for growth.

Industry Research

WTC undertakes research studies in the areas like international trade related issues with particular reference to India, Industry Studies, Export Market Studies and Technology Status & Developments.

Market Research

It also undertakes research studies on behalf of their members on Market Development of Products in Overseas Markets as well as studies for its overseas counterparts on Market Characteristics Studies of Products in India.

Research Publications

Research Periodical

The Fortnightly journal of the WTC Mumbai is the World Trade Research & Information Report (WTRIR) that features useful and interesting articles and information briefs on contemporary issues of international trade, industry and economy. It also covers special sections highlighting the latest development in the realm of World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as current trends and emerging prospects in Bilateral trade, investments and economic cooperation.

Effective from July-Sept 2014 issue World Trade Research and Information Report, is published in a revised format, ‘On Trade’, to present topical and critical issues that shape Indian and global economies. It will provide a round-up of the trade trends and developments, the world of small businesses, market opportunities as also various events at our Centre. The purview of the magazine has been broadened to include interviews of Indian and global personalities, authored articles, book reviews including features on WTCs across the globe with their plans for regional trade development. In its pursuit of reporting on global trade developments, the journal will encompass global trade policies and their implications on international trade, regional cooperation through free trade agreements, while laying special emphasis on policies and perspectives in the realm of WTO.


The Desks aim at providing trade related information to the business community with a view to make available specific information which is topical and need-based. These focused desks were instituted with the sole purpose of propagating specific country information to a target audience.

WTO Desk

WTO Desk regularly updates on the latest happenings of the WTO and its impact on India’s economy, business and trade. The WTC has organized sessions on `Food Security’ and `Trade and Technology’ during the multilateral conference 2011-2013. Awareness programs on WTO and its implementation were held periodically which have been published in special publications on WTO, besides featuring articles in the WTC Trade journal, World Trade Research and Information Report.

China Desk

This business desk is focused on providing relevant information on trends in Indi-China economic relations and developments in the Chinese economy on a regular basis to the business community interested in investing in the two countries. The information is published in WTC Mumbai’s World Trade Research and Information Report. Several studies have been conducted which have also been published.

EU Desk

European Union Desk is to encourage the promotion of trade between India and the European Union Countries. The desk will address issues pertaining to trade, investment, business and commerce between the countries to streamline activities within the countries and the region as a whole.

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