World Trade Center Mumbai

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Think Business Think WTC Mumbai! World Trade Center Mumbai opens doors to leading opportunities in international markets by serving as a guide on market trends. The Centre facilitates in strategizing business goals, branding and developing an effective long term partnership. WTC Mumbai has build strong bridges of communication with diplomatic missions, business leaders, bankers, academicians and key government agencies and policy makers. WTC Mumbai believes in inclusive engagement for effective promotion of trade and investment in the country.

WTC Mumbai has emerged as a forerunner in promoting international trade and development.

WTC Mumbai promotes International trade and Investment through an array of services and facilities. The Centre integrates Indian businesses and international counterparts on a single platform through one to one business networking empowering the business community with skills, rich resources and talent.

WTC Mumbai believes in building a community that facilitates international trade. The services offered by the Centre include trade research, trade facilitation programs, educative programs and an international library which benefit every segment of the society drawing together professionals, exporters, importers, research institutes, government agencies, etc. The Centre intends to initiate online educational courses shortly. WTC Mumbai is also authorized to issue Certificate of Origin.

WTC Mumbai stands tall as an iconic building in the heart of the city in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. On the facilities front the Centre is equipped with the only Air conditioned Exhibition Centre in the city along with business meeting rooms, cabin spaces, desk spaces and office spaces in the 32 storey building of the Centre 1 complex. The Centre 2 of the WTC complex is leased to the IDBI. The Arcade in the WTC Complex is home to shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, state emporiums, etc. Over 10,000 people visit the WTC Complex on a daily basis. During exhibitions nearly 15,000 to 20,000 people visit the Centre.

WTC Mumbai opens windows of opportunity that helps society stay informed and responsive delivering high quality programmes, services and facilities to meet the needs of our members through:

  • Matching local needs to global resources
  • Opening new avenues for market growth
  • Serving as a gateway for interaction amongst the government, private sector and international business community
  • Focus on being responsive and agile resource for technology development
  • Preparing the workforce to meet challenges of today and tomorrow

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Dr. Vijay G. Kalantri

Capt. Somesh Batra
Vice Chairman

Mr. Sharad P. Upasani
Vice Chairman

Mr. Ajoykaant Ruia
Vice Chairman

Mrs. Rupa Naik
Executive Director